About Me

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I love plants and gardening. I also like to take photos. Lots of them! I just love the diverse colour, shapes and texture that plants provide and never tire of them. With my partner Peter, we run Outside Impact a Retail Nursery. I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by the things I am passionate about and I hope to share some of their beauty that is my world.

Monday, December 6, 2010


The Coleus are looking magic at present.  I just adore the kaleidoscope of colours and  multitude of leaf shapes that are available in this species. They are so easy to grow and versitile as well. Use en masse in borders for a real wow factor as in Roma St. Gardens. Make interesting pots and hanging baskets. This humble plant is considered somewhat old-fashioned by some, but  I think well worth a second look. They suit planting with the more structured, architectural foliage plants such as Yuccas, Cordylines and Palms which is a popular style. They are so easy to propagate from cuttings, even in water they will root within a week or two.  Find a  favourite and end up with a garden full!